Move of the week: how to have happier hips


In the pursuit of more flexible hips, this is a must-add to your mobility repertoire. This position not only helps to stretch out tight glutes (in your buttocks), but also opens up the anterior (front) portion of the hips to combat hours spent sitting down. If you find that your hips are falling off to one side, try raising them slightly using a block or a cushion – this will ensure that you get the most out of this posture.

a) Come into the pose by bringing your left knee forward, left ankle next to the right hip. Extend the right leg back behind you. Try to keep your hips square (sometimes you’ll need to place a block under the hips to do this).

b) As you inhale, lower your body down towards the ground.

c) As you exhale, without using your hands, bring your torso upright.

d) Repeat for three to five breaths.